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A Kipling holdall or suitcase is the perfect summer investment

Given how well-travelled even the man after whom the Kipling brand is named – the English journalist and novelist Rudyard Kipling – was, it probably shouldn’t be a big surprise that the Kipling brand produces bags with a big emphasis on helping people with their journeys around the world.

Certainly, we can offer you no shortage of often heavily discounted Kipling suitcases and holdalls here at R-Therapy. But which one could be the perfect choice for your own next big trip, this summer or beyond?


This lightweight spinner provides an easy means of organising all of the clothes, shoes and travel essentials that you need for your next holiday or business trip. It can be manoeuvred 360 degrees, sports an extendable handle and also comes with four wheels, so you don’t need to worry about practicality; however, it is also genuinely stylish, very much representing the sense of fun that defines every bag produced by Kipling. The iconic Kipling monkey key-ring is present too, of course.


You’ll travel in style with the Darcey spinner, which combines four ready-to-roll wheels with a soft case offering the utmost versatility. On the inside, meanwhile, you’ll find the specialised mesh storage compartments and packing straps that allow for unfussy, stress-free packing. When you also consider such touches as the soft grip handles, trolley handle and easy access pocket at the front, it should become obvious to you why so many people choose this straightforward, but stylish bag.


If you’re on the lookout for a good-looking and multifunctional duffle bag, the Teagan traveller should suit your needs nicely. Its multiple compartments take the hassle out of packing, with the main compartment able to be accessed from the top or the side, while the other compartments could be good places to put shoes and similar small items. Maximum portability is also ensured by the duffle straps, wheels and soft carry handles.


We’re delighted to offer the Youri Spin 55 Small Spinner (Cabin Size), which has a definite sense of fun partly because it is easy to transport, thanks to its extremely convenient size and four 360-degree spinning wheels. The interior is fully lined, while the double zipped main compartment also features adjustable packing straps to avoid creasing. The top carry handle is padded, and you naturally get the usual cheeky Kipling monkey key-ring as well.

There are constantly new bags being added to our extensive Kipling range here at R-Therapy. So whatever travelling you might have planned for this summer, remember that there’s only one store where you need to look for the finest Kipling suitcases, holdalls and similar bags in 2018 – our own!

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