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Just 5 of the Kipling purses or wallets to take your pick from this summer

A wallet or purse is never ‘just’ a wallet or purse when it’s from Kipling. Brands simply don’t come more vibrant, fun-filled or sideways than Kipling, and you may be surprised to discover that it isn’t just iconic bags that come from the Kipling stable.

To give you a sense of just how stylish you could be this summer – while also catering to all of your practical needs from a wallet or purse – we thought we’d shine the spotlight on just a few of the fine Kipling purses or wallets that you can choose from in our range here at R-Therapy right now.


When you’re looking for a no-nonsense small, simple and practical wallet that will also attract many an admiring glance, you really can’t do better than the Abra. It consists of two sections with gorgeous chunky zips, so you’ll have ample space for your cards, bank notes and coins. It’s also light to carry and comes in all of the quirky colours and patterns that you’d expect from Kipling.

Creativity L

If you’ve got a few more essentials to carry around each day than would make the Abra practical, don’t worry, as the Creativity L boasts no fewer than three storage compartments that can easily accommodate such items as your keys, coins and makeup. Oh, and it also comes with the cute and furry monkey key ring – in the same colour as the main purse – that is a Kipling trademark.


We’re all about helping people to travel in a carefree manner here at R-Therapy, in much the same way as Kipling is, and we’re delighted to be able to recommend the Florencia to those seeking the perfect fun and funky card wallet. With its press stud closure, zipped rear pocket, mesh travel card holder, six card slots and one note holder, it’s got everything within its effortlessly tight dimensions.


We suspect that like many people, you might just have plans to travel amid the fun and the sun this year, in which case, the supremely practical Passport may be just the thing. It’s got all of the usual Kipling style – you can specify it in such motifs as Clouded Sky, Marine Stripy, Water Camo or Dazz Soft Aloe – but it’s also wonderfully compact and incorporates multiple dividers for organisation.


Sometimes, you’ve got a lot of things to bring with you and there’s only one way to hold it all – by going supersized! That’s definitely what the Supermoney fold-over card wallet offers – you’ll find no fewer than 13 card slots inside, as well as three note sections and two receipt slots. But it’s also a fine-looking thing, thanks to its eye-catching metal Kipling logo and the range of patterns that you can pick from for it, such as Bold Mirage, Dark Emerald or Retro Geo Black.

If there’s one thing that all of these, and so many more Kipling purses and wallets from our current range here at R-Therapy demonstrate, it’s that no brand ‘does’ purses or wallets quite like Kipling! Why not pick up your own for this season’s urban catwalk, in the knowledge that you also won’t have to pay a thing for delivery within the UK?


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