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R-Therapy is your complete Kipling online retailer

Ah... Kipling. It’s the for-so-long iconic fashion brand founded some 30 years ago now in Antwerp, Belgium, and which remains most strongly associated with its handbags carrying the now similarly iconic monkey key-hanger. It’s those key-hangers – as well as Kipling’s all-round sense of up-to-date style – that has helped to make Kipling handbags so collectable down the years.

But if you’re the perfect example of a person who just can’t be left without a Kipling handbag from one of the brand’s latest bright and sparkly ranges, where can you go to purchase one? Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was just one comprehensive Kipling online retailer to which you could turn, again and again, for the most recent creations from this legendary label?

The great news for you is that there is such an online store – and it’s called R-Therapy.

We’ll ease your Kipling withdrawal symptoms, at a great price

If you’ve never before encountered or purchased anything from the Kipling brand, allow us to explain a bit more about it. The name ‘Kipling’ – before you start thinking about cakes – is actually inspired by the well-travelled English author Rudyard Kipling, whose classic tale The Jungle Book evoked a spirit of fun and adventure that three designer pals from Antwerp wished to tap into.

Those designers soon came up with affordable, sporty and functional bags and accessories that women across the world continue to adore in the 2010s.

Today, whether you are one of those women on the lookout for merely the latest Kipling shoulder bag, backpack, purse, umbrella or scarf to add to your collection, or you are instead a complete newcomer to the delights of this forever fun-loving brand, you will find every Kipling item that you could desire at a competitive price here at R-Therapy.

Place your order for your latest Kipling essential now

Yes, your search for a one-stop Kipling online retailer really is over now that you’ve come across R-Therapy.

You might hanker for a Kipling pouch, pencil case, laptop bag, baby changing bag, toiletry bag... you name it, in any of a broad assortment of colours ranging from Aubershiny and Basket Shimmer to Woven Blue Geo and Za. Whatever you want, if it’s Kipling, we’ve almost certainly got it in stock.

Oh, and at the time of typing, we also post all UK orders for free via Royal Mail 2nd Class 48-hour delivery. What’s not to love, whatever your present level of passion and acquaintance with Kipling may be?






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