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There’s no better time than October to buy a Kipling laptop bag

At this time of year when you’re rushing from one university seminar or lecture to another, or for that matter simply need something practical to carry the laptop you keep in your home office, it may be quite obvious that you require a laptop bag.

But is choosing a laptop bag as simple as going for whatever will fit your computer well enough and is made from a material that will stand the test of time? Not as far as we’re concerned here at R-Therapy – after all, you’ve also got the opportunity before you to purchase from a truly iconic brand.

Kipling laptop bags have an undeniable sense of fun

If you’ve come into contact with Kipling bags before, one thing you’ll almost certainly know about them is that they’re just very fun bags, lending themselves perfectly to adventure.

It was a wish to communicate such ‘fun and adventure’ through its products that led the company to call itself Kipling in the first place, in homage to the well-travelled English author and his classic tome, The Jungle Book. It also helps to explain why almost every Kipling bag comes with a monkey-themed keyring of one kind or another. Besides, who doesn’t love those inquisitive creatures?

Mind you, it’s understandable that you might wonder how Kipling could possibly turn itself convincingly to laptop bags. Yes, Kipling produces all manner of vibrant and fun handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags and more – but aren’t laptop bags supposed to be very serious and functional things?

Laptop bags that will make you think differently about Kipling

You would probably expect a brand like Kipling to turn the old ideas of what a laptop bag ‘should’ be slightly on their head. Sure enough, that’s what you get with the Artego shoulder bag, which offers all of the laptop protection and practicality you could need, but also with a dash of that unmistakably offbeat Kipling style.

You really couldn’t choose a more functional or elegant office companion than the Artego, in fact, which has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap enabling it to be worn across the body, over the shoulder or simply by its handles. It also boasts no shortage of useful zipped compartments to help ensure that whatever ‘odds and sods’ you have around the office, you always have somewhere to place them.

Then, there are the colours or designs in which the Artego is available – presently Spark Navy or Orchid Bloom when you buy from R-Therapy. Kipling laptop bags somehow manage to be both genuinely serious and fun-loving at the same time – so why not purchase yours from us today, benefiting from what may be a significant discount on the RRP?





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